Time to recharge in your personal oasis of tranquility 

Our days are often filled to the brim with taxing chores, to-do’s, appointments and activities such as with work, kids, friends and family. These little stresses throughout the day can build up quickly. Which is why it’s necessary to allow yourself that necessary luxury of pushing the pause button, to unwind and recharge. There is absolutely no better place to do that than in your own garden. An oasis of tranquility, set up with attention to detail, relaxation and extra soothing elements.

So close your eyes, breathe in for three counts, and out for five.   

Be zen, and walk with us.

We show you how to turn your garden into an oasis of peace and relaxation.

Lounge in the lounge 

Your oasis of tranquility starts with the essential garden lounge. Just settle down after a long day, and enjoy the last of the sun. It’s lovely here in the Organix sofa. With its unique design and unparalleled comfort, you think of nothing but the tranquility of the moment. As these sofas are modular, you can arrange them exactly as you feel is right.

To fully embody tranquility, choose neutral fabrics that match the nature around you. Choose a base fabric in gray, such as Natural Silver Dot, or Natural Grey Dot. Then add a bit of color with Forest Green, Juniper Green, Moss or Ecru Linen. These soothing shades will bring you back down to earth, away from the stress of the day.

Active relaxation in your yoga sanctuary

Yoga ranges from very intense and powerful, to exceptionally relaxed and zen. Some strengthen their bodies with active yoga while others seek a more meditative state to eliminate all stimuli and distractions in their mind. Whichever form you prefer, you can easily achieve your yoga goals in your personal garden sanctuary.

Focus on creating an environment in which you optimally experience all your yoga moments. This means getting rid of everything you don’t need. In fact, all you need is a simple, smooth surface for your yoga mat, a side table for your drinking bottle & music, and the easy-to-use Palma parasol to create shade. After a good session you can relax in a Strappy rocking or Low Chair with a steaming mug of tea and the day can’t go wrong.

Your natural charger. The sun. 

Vitamin D: our natural source of energy. Yet most people are deficient in it. Make sure your garden invites you to recharge your vitamin D. And for that you only need one thing: a place under the sun!

With one of Royal Botania’s ultimate premium Hammocks you won’t want to go anywhere else. Relaxing in the highest comfort, you’ll dream away for hours under the sun. If the heat becomes a bit too intense, simply make use of its included sunscreens. You’ll step out of the hammock completely recharged, prepared to take on another day of activity.   

Forget your worries alongside the water 

There’s almost nothing better than a refreshing dip in the pool. With a dive under water you completely shut yourself off from the outside world. No one can disturb you here.

After you’ve taken a few laps, or mindlessly floated around, it’s time to dry off. Let the sun do its work while you stretch out in the stylish Ninix Lounger. All levers and mechanics are smartly integrated into the lounger to highlight its minimalist design. What you get is maximum comfort, with maximum beauty.

You deserve a moment of rest 

Life is too short, so cherish every moment! This also strongly applies to relaxation. No matter how you choose to relax, be sure to do it in the highest of comfort. Royal Botania lives by these words, which is why all our gorgeous collections of garden furniture are designed with a strong emphasis on comfort. Take a look around.

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